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It’s important to know who you are working with and transparency is an integral part of what BULB stands for. So, we would like to introduce you to the core team at BULB...

Ronson Chau​

Co-Founder & CEO

An investment banker, crypto enthusiast and avid reader, Ronson has worked at Morgan Stanley, Macquarie Group, ScotPac Group and the University of Sydney. Priding himself on a keen attention to detail and an unwavering search for excellence, Ronson is responsible for leading BULB’s day-to-day operations.

Johnson Chau​

Co-Founder & CTO

A software engineer, crypto enthusiast and movie fanatic, Johnson has worked at Atlassian, Allianz, ScotPac Group and the University of Sydney. Inspired to convert conceptualisations into reality, as the lead software engineer, Johnson is responsible for leading BULB’s platform build out and ensuring its functionality.

Alex Rose​

Co-Founder & CMO

A brand builder, crypto enthusiast and fan of music and sport, Alex has experience in the creative advertising, real estate and marketing research sectors. With a driven nature and creative thinking, Alex is responsible for BULB’s marketing operation, branding and user experience.

Oliver Zhang​

Front End Engineer

A frontend engineer, crypto enthusiast and cat lover, Oliver has begun his career building frontend applications in the consumer industry. Possessing nuanced creativity and a passion for building the best user experience, Oliver is responsible for BULB’s frontend design and user interface.

Vivian Yu

Product Designer

A product designer passionate about creating great experiences and designing for the future. Vivian is currently working at Atlassian and is the Co founder of The Sproutcast - a podcast on entrepreneurship and leadership. Vivian is responsible for BULB’s product design.

Laura Wegner

Marketing Strategy Lead

A marketing advisor passionate about photography NFT art. Laura is currently studying Economics and Psychology at Harvard College and is president of the Global Tech Innovation Society. Laura is responsible for BULB’s marketing strategy.

Larissa Isakov

Content Creator

An avid and intellectual writer who enjoys sharing critical and thought-provoking ideas. Currently, Larrisa is a law student at the University of Sydney, and is an academic tutor at Dymocks. Larrisa is responsible for leading BULB’s community engagement and content creation.

Jarryd B

Digital Growth Lead

Jarryd is a unique marketing professional with unrivalled critical thinking and execution abilities. Currently, Jarryd is working at a leading Web3 marketing agency developing digital growth strategies for the world’s top Web3 companies. Jarryd will be responsible for leading BULB’s digital growth strategy and maximise BULB’s digital presence.