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Sep 2021: Inception

The beginning of Write-to-Earn and Read-to-Earn

Nov 2021: Prototype Release

Conceptualisation of the core features of BULB

Dec 2021: Token Generation Event

BULB Token released on the Solana network

Feb 2022: Seed Token Sale

Latest price at $0.004 per token

Feb 2022: BULB Assemble

Recruited a full stack engineering and marketing team

Mar 2022: Alpha Release

Available to private Alpha users

Apr 2022: Beta 1.0 Release

BULB hits 100 users

May 2022: Beta 2.0 Release

BULB quickly explodes to over 1000 Users

Oct 2022: Soft launch

Open to all for a limited time

Jan 2023: BULBmoji NFT

The first line up of BULB's spend-to-earn NFTs

Jan 2023: BULB NFT Marketplace

Trade BULBmoji NFTs

1H 2023: Official BULB Launch

A new era of Write-to-Earn and Read-to-Earn

1H 2023: Public Token Sale

Open to verified users

1H 2024: List on Decentralised Exchange

Buy and Sell BULB Tokens with Solana

2024 & Beyond: List on Major Crypto Exchanges

Binance, Coinspot and more