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ūüĎč Welcome to BULB FAQ‚Äč

Hi, and welcome to BULB! Here you can find all of the information needed to become the latest member of our growing BULB community.


What Is BULB?‚Äč‚Äč

BULB is a crypto-based blogging platform where ideas, passion, and engagement are all rewarded. BULB rewards content creators for 100% of the value they create within the community by returning ownership to users. Realising that writing and reading are all about sharing ideas and passions with others, we believe that only you should benefit from this.

BULB recognises and rewards all users for their engagement. For the first time, you can write, read, react, comment, share, and earn cryptocurrency all at once.

What Are BULBmojis?‚Äč‚Äč

BULBmojis are classified into six types: Writer, Sharer, Talker, Reader, Reactor and Moderator. BULBmojis are obtained by performing an 'action' on the platform and are converted into BULB points. The following BULBmoji classes are listed in descending order of value.

  • Writer: Collected by writing blogs
  • Sharer: Obtained by sharing blogs or through referrals
  • Moderator: Collected by reporting content that violates community guidelines
  • Talker: Gathered by making or receiving comments
  • Reader: Acquired by reading blogs or gaining reads
  • Reactor: Collected by giving or receiving reacts.

You will need to use BULB energy to complete an action, which recharges on a daily basis. Because energy is a limited resource, you must use it wisely!

How Do I Earn BULB Tokens?‚Äč

Users can earn BULB Tokens in three easy steps:

  1. Collect BULBmojis by devoting some of your daily energy to writing, reading, reacting, commenting, and sharing.
  2. Your BULBmoji collection will automatically translate into BULB points, which will affect your leaderboard ranking.
  3. You can claim BULB Tokens from a predetermined distribution pool at the end of each week based on your leaderboard ranking.

This cycle repeats in perpetuity. Essentially, the more actions you complete, the more BULBmojis you will receive, the more points you will receive, and the more BULB Tokens you will be able to earn.

How Many Points Is Each BULBmoji Worth?‚Äč

ActionTypeMax PointsEnergy
WriteDynamic75 Points-30 Energy
ReadDynamic1 Point-1 Energy
ReactDynamic1 Point-1 Energy
CommentDynamic10 Points-5 Energy
ShareDynamic25 Points-10 Energy
ModerateStatic8 Points-2 Energy

Note: As of 5/8/2023, Moderator BULBmoji changed from 20 BULB Points and 5 energy to 8 BULB Points and 2 energy. This is to make moderation more accessible to users by lowering energy cost but keeping the ratio of points to energy equal.

How Does The Dynamic Points System Work?‚Äč

Writer and Talker BULBmojis are assigned points using a "dynamic points system" which allocates points algorithmically. The system considers several factors, including your previous interaction with the content, similarity, time taken between actions, and relevance to score posts and comments. To get the most "bang for your buck", ensure your engagement is unique, relevant, and genuine.

Note that your account may be required to cool down if we detect unusual behaviour, including but not limited to a high volume of actions in a short period of time, spam or low-quality content.

How Do I Collect BULB Points?‚Äč


Case 1 | Write a Blog | Unilateral System‚Äč‚Äč

The author earns BULB points for each blog that they write. Points are assigned using an algorithmic system designed to encourage legitimate engagement. The system is unbiased and takes into account a variety of factors to allocate BULB points.


Case 1 | Read a Blog | Bilateral System‚Äč‚Äč

The Reader collects BULB points each time they read a blog. The Writer of the blog also receives BULB points for receiving a read.


Case 1 | React to a Blog | Bilateral System‚Äč‚Äč

The Reactor collects BULB points each time he or she reacts to a blog. The Writer of the blog also receives BULB points for receiving a react.

Case 2 | React to Comment | Bilateral System‚Äč‚Äč

The Reactor collects BULB points each time he or she reacts to a comment. The Commentator of the blog also receives BULB points for receiving a react.

Case 3 | React to a Reply | Bilateral System‚Äč‚Äč

The Reactor collects BULB points each time he or she reacts to a reply. The Replier of the blog also receives BULB points for receiving a react.


Case 1 | Comment under a Blog | Bilateral System‚Äč‚Äč

The Commentor collects BULB points each time he or she comments under a blog. The Writer of the blog also receives BULB points for receiving a comment.

Case 2 | Reply to Comment | Bilateral System‚Äč‚Äč

The Replier collects BULB points each time he or she replies to a comment on a blog. The Commentator of the blog also receives BULB points for receiving a reply.

Case 3 | Reply to a Reply | Bilateral System‚Äč‚Äč

The Replier collects BULB points each time he or she reacts to a reply to a comment. The Replier of the blog also receives BULB points for receiving a reply.


Case 1 | Share a Blog | Bilateral System‚Äč‚Äč

The Sharer collects BULB points each time he or she shares a blog. The Writer of the blog also receives points for having their blog shared. This is yet to be implemented.


Case 1 | Report a Blog or Comment | Unilateral System‚Äč‚Äč

The Reporter collects BULB points only when the reported blog or comment reaches a certain report threshold which prompts it to be flagged as an active report on the governance dashboard and the active report is ultimately taken down by Moderators. This function is available to any BULB user.

Case 2 | Voting on a Blog or Comment | Unilateral System‚Äč

The Voter Collects BULB points only if the vote agrees with the majority decision of other Voters with regard to the reported blog or comment. For example, if a Voter votes in favour of taking down the blog or comment, and the final majority decision is also to take down the blog or comment, then all Voters that are on the same side of the final decision will earn points, and Voters that are on the opposite side of the final decision will earn no points; and vice versa. This function is available only to selected Moderators on BULB, and votes are conducted anonymously. To be a Moderator, reach out to the BULB Team to apply.

How Are BULB Token Rewards Distributed?‚Äč

A predetermined token pool will be distributed to users once per week. User rewards are determined using the following formula:

Pool Allocation (%) = Your Weekly Points / Aggregate Points

For example, if Users 1, 2, and 3 have earned 50, 30, and 20 points, respectively, each user will receive 50%, 30%, and 20% of the total reward pool.

When Will I Receive My BULB Tokens?‚Äč

Every Monday at 7 am UTC, BULB Tokens are automatically distributed to the community based on leaderboard positioning.

Why Haven‚Äôt I Received My Tokens Yet?‚Äč

Following the distribution of tokens to the community, you must collect your BULB tokens by going to the Inventory menu and clicking 'unlock.' This will trigger a transaction that will send your weekly reward to your Phantom wallet.

How Much Daily Energy Do I Receive?‚Äč

Your energy is replenished to full capacity every 24 hours. When you first create a BULB account, you will receive 30 energy per day; however, by level 5, you will be able to unlock a full energy capacity of 100.

What Happens If I Run Out Of Energy?‚Äč

Energy, like everything else in life, is a valuable resource. If you happen to run out of energy within 24 hours, you will be unable to collect further BULBmojis until your energy replenishes, or if you buy more. Make good use of it!

Why Is My Energy Not Replenishing?‚Äč

If your content is reported under BULB's governance system and the moderators tasked with protecting the community vote in favour of the report, your energy capacity will be reduced as a result. Unfortunately, this means that the energy will never be recovered. Everyone makes mistakes, including our trusty moderators; if you believe your content was judged unfairly, use the report appeal system.

How To Delete My Post Or Comment?‚Äč

You can delete your blog or comment by clicking on the action menu of your content and clicking delete. Deleting your content will cost the same energy as creating the content (see here for energy cost). In addition, all the points you or other users have earned due to your content will also be removed (see here for how points are distributed). For example, if you delete your blog, points earned from writing, reading, reacting, commenting or sharing your blog from any user will be removed. And if you delete your comment, points earned from commenting or reacting to your comment from any user will be removed.

Note: Blogs minted an Article NFT cannot be deleted (see here for more information). Also, draft blogs do not cost any energy to delete.

How Does The Governance System Work?‚Äč

BULB employs a peer-to-peer content moderation system run by trusted community members to protect the community from copyright infringement, spam, and content that violates BULB's code of conduct. When a report is submitted, BULB moderators will review the content and accompanying evidence to determine the appropriate course of action.

Read our Code of Conduct here.

How Does The Report System Work?‚Äč

The BULB community can report any content. When a report is created, the content and accompanying evidence are reviewed to determine whether the content should be kept or removed. A reported post is penalised with 100 BULB Points and a minus 10 energy capacity; a reported comment is penalised with 50 BULB Points and a minus 5 energy capacity. In extreme circumstances, the user may be permanently barred from using BULB.

Users can spend 2 energy to report a violating post or comment to potentially earn a Moderator BULBmoji worth 8 points. If a specific post or comment reaches a certain threshold, i.e., enough members of the community report it, it will appear in the public governance dashboard for moderators to decide whether to keep or remove it.

Users who spend the 2 energy to report will only receive the full 8 points if the post or comment is removed by moderators, and no points will be earned if the content is kept on the platform. This is to encourage users to report content that truly violates the code of conduct rather than reporting for the sole purpose of increasing rewards.

When a post or comment is reported, moderators must make one of two decisions: keep or remove. When a certain threshold is reached, the decision is carried out. To encourage sound decision-making, the moderating reward system is similar to reporting in that moderators are only rewarded with a Moderator BULBmoji if their decision is implemented by the larger moderator community. Furthermore, moderators vote anonymously, which reduces the risk of collusion because the most recent vote status is unknown.

How Does The Appeal System Work?‚Äč

We believe in second chances, and you have the right to appeal a report. When filing an appeal, you must provide enough evidence to overturn the initial decision.

To make a report appeal:

  1. Make sure to issue the appeal within 7 days of the initial decision.
  2. To file an appeal, you are required to state your reasons for why you would like to appeal.

A moderator who voted in the initial decision will not be able to participate in the appeal process to maintain the integrity and fairness of the BULB governance system. If the moderators vote in favour of the appeal, the consequences sustained from the report will be reverted.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A BULB Moderator?‚Äč

BULB Moderators are the custodians of the platform to ensure bad actor behaviours are punished and good actor behaviours are preserved. The three key principles that all BULB Moderators shall follow are 1) integrity, 2) independence and 3) respect.

Each correct moderating action, including reporting and voting, is rewarded with 1 Moderator BULBmoji worth 8 BULB Points and costs 2 BULB Energy. The key authorities given to BULB Moderators are namely 1) the power to vote and keep or take down reported content and 2) the power to approve or dismiss an appeal from a user.

Note: A report is deemed as correct if BULB Moderators take down the reported content, and a vote is deemed as correct if the majority decision of the report or the appeal is the same as the Moderator’s vote. This means that BULB Points are only earned when the Moderator is acting in the best interest of the platform.

How To Become A BULB Moderator?‚Äč

Any user on BULB can become a content moderator if they can satisfy the following 5 criteria:

  • Report at least 50 comments or posts
  • Over 80% report accuracy
  • Over 90% report satisfaction
  • Reach level 7
  • Reach 90 days tenure on BULB

In addition, the user will also have to pay a non-refundable amount of 50,000 BULB Tokens to unlock the moderating feature. This is predominantly to incentivise the user to have some ‚Äúskin in the game‚ÄĚ and act in the platform's best interest.

Note: Report accuracy rate is defined as the reported content from the user that is taken down divided by the total reports from the user. The report satisfaction is defined as the reports that do not get an appeal from the user post-voting.

Hot Tip: BULB Moderators are classified into On-Track, At Risk and Off-Track, where the report accuracy is over 80%, between 50% and 80% and below 50% respectively. The community can easily see which BULB Moderators are most trustworthy, so it is essential that all BULB Moderators carefully and diligently make each moderating decision on BULB.

How Does Refer-to-Earn Work?‚Äč

In a nutshell, a referrer can earn up to 1 Sharer BULBmoji worth 25 points for every new user that joins BULB. To refer your friends, you can go to the 'Refer & Share' tab, generate a unique invitation link and get your friends to join via the link. From there, we will recognise that the new BULBer has joined via your link, and you will be rewarded with BULB Points within 24 hours.

To earn up to the full amount, the new BULBer must complete a react, a read and a comment within 24 hours. These actions are typically worth 1 point, 1 point, and 10 points (total is 12 points), and your referral earnings will be adjusted based on the aggregate points earned from the new BULBer’s first three actions divided by the possible points that can be earned for the new BULBer’s first three actions (i.e. 12 points). Rewards are calculated and added to your weekly leaderboard points 24 hours after the new BULBer joins.

Formula: 25 Sharer BULBmoji Points  x (Points from React + Points from Read + Points from Comment) / 12 = Total Referral Rewards

We understand that not all referrals are equal, and thus we want to ensure that we properly reward users who are bringing new and engaging users to BULB.

Hot Tip: Get your friend to space out their first react and read, as well as write an engaging comment to maximise your own earnings!

How Does Share-to-Earn Work?‚Äč

You can earn by generating a unique link to an article that you like, and share on any channel that you would like. For every unique visit via your link, you will earn 10% of a Sharer BULBmoji, which is worth 25 points each. At the same time, the author of the original post will earn exactly the amount of points the sharer earns. We believe that both the creator and sharer should be equally rewarded when it comes to Share-to-Earn, as without the creator there will be no article to share, and without the sharer, the article would never gain the exposure it deserves.

Note: The maximum number of Sharer BULBmojis that can be earned via each unique link will be capped at 1, to ensure the BULB leaderboard remains competitive, and no single user is too OP. In addition, the author can only earn up to 10 Sharer BULBmojis.

How Does Share-to-Earn Points Calculation Work?‚Äč

The basic formula for calculating the points earned from sharing an article link is:

Total Points Earned = 0.1 Sharer BULBmoji x Number of Unique Visit x Adjustment Value

Where Adjustment Value based on the quality of the blog:

PercentileTagAdjustment Value
Top 5%Brilliant 1
Top 5% to 25%Great0.75
Top 25% to 50%Good 0.5
Top 50% to 100%Alright, Improving 0.25

For example, if a user shares an excellent blog, and gets 7 unique visits via the article link, both the author of the post and the sharer will get:

2.5 Sharer BULBmoji Points x 7 Unique Visits x 0.75 Article Adjustment Value = 13.125 BULBmoji Points

We believe that all blogs shared should be rewarded, and therefore, any unique visits to any blog shall earn points. However, that being said, we intentionally designed a tiering system, as we would want to incentivise users to share the highest quality blogs to create a positive reinforcing cycle on BULB, where quality and creativity are fairly rewarded.

Tip: The reader should stay on the page for at least 30 seconds or else it won’t be recognised as a unique visit!

How Do Email Subscriptions Work?‚Äč

There are two main ways in which users can subscribe to your newsletter: on-platform and off-platform. For on-platform users, they can click the subscribe button on your profile to automatically get email updates on your latest blog. For off-platform users, they can click the subscribe button on your profile, provide their email address and then automatically get email updates on your latest blog; this means that users do not necessarily need to have a BULB account to subscribe to your channel, it is free for all.

Note: email updates to your subscribers can be turned on or off on a blog-by-blog basis before publishing.

How Do I Adjust My Email Notification Settings?‚Äč

The key email notification categories are admin, weekly review and promotions. You can go to settings and choose to opt-in or opt out under the email tab. We encourage users to opt-in on the weekly review and promotions, as this way, you can get all of BULB’s must-read articles for the week delivered to your inbox hassle-free. You will also never miss our latest updates and new features. You never know when we might be releasing a Champion BULBmoji Pack!

Note: Admin emails are mandatory as we are obliged to update you on important changes on the platform such as terms of service, code of conduct and your account settings. But don’t worry, we usually keep it short and sweet.

How Do Writer Tips Work?‚Äč

When you are drafting a blog, you can click ‚ÄėGet Tips‚Äô to get a snapshot of your blog‚Äôs score, tiered in the order of ‚ÄėBrilliant‚Äô, ‚ÄėExcellent‚Äô, ‚ÄėGood‚Äô, ‚ÄėAlright‚Äô and ‚ÄėImproving‚Äô. Based on the preview score, we will suggest a few simple writing tips that are personalised to your blog and help you take your writing to the next level.

We believe in nurturing users and assisting them on their journey to becoming great writers, and thus, we have built this tool to encourage better content creation, which in turn benefits all users in the overall BULB ecosystem. As we develop BULB further, we will be creating more insightful and detailed writer tips. So stay tuned for that!

How Do I View Reading Analytics For My Blog?‚Äč

You can view reading analytics of your own published blog by clicking the ‚ÄėAnalytics‚Äô and get detailed statistics on the performance of your blog.

Key statistics that can be viewed are blog score tier, views over time, readers’ average time spent on an article, sources of views (e.g. internal, external), engagement rate, country origin of visitors, SEO keyword ranking and more.

If you have an idea of key statistics that you would like to see, let us know on Twitter or Discord!

How Do Weekly Challenges Work?‚Äč

You can now earn one-off weekly rewards for completing simple action tasks. To earn even more rewards, you can get on a ‚Äėstreak‚Äô by completing these tasks every week, which will add 1 to the weekly reward multiplier for each consecutive week, starting at 1x. But the multiplier will drop to 1x if the user misses a week!

Key weekly tasks are:

ActionCount Per WeekWeekly Rewards
React5 Reacts5 BULB Points
Read5 Reads5 BULB Points
Share3 Unique Views10 BULB Points
Comment5 Comments with a Score of Great or Above15 BULB Points
Write1 Blog Post with a Score of Great or Above20 BULB Points
Refer1 Referral Upon Sign Up30 BULB Points
Complete all challenges6 Challenges30 BULB Points

For example, if the user has written a blog every week for 3 weeks consecutively, the user will get 60 additional points (20 Points x 3x Multiplier) added to the BULB leaderboard, which effectively increases the user’s token rewards.

We know that there are a ton of dedicated BULBers, and thus we want to reward you for your consistency and contribution to BULB!

Note: The weekly reward multiplier is capped at 10x. Also, streaks from each action stream are independent of each other; for example, losing a streak in comments will not affect the streak earned in read, react, write, refer, share or complete all challenges.

What Usernames Can I Claim?‚Äč

Your username must adhere to these rules:

  • Your username must be between 3-30 characters.
  • Your username cannot contain an at (@), a hashtag (#), round brackets ((,)), square brackets ([,]), curly brackets ({,}), or angle brackets (<,>).
  • Your username cannot contain the words "BULB" or "Admin".


What Are BULB Token‚Äčs?‚Äč

The BULB Token is an SPL (Solana Program Library) token issued on the Solana blockchain. It is built on Solana because of the blockchain's fast transaction speed, low cost per transaction, and low environmental impact. The BULB Token's primary function is to reward platform users. BULB Tokens can be used to purchase premium content, BULB NFTs, and other BULB-exclusive tradables.

More information on the BULB Token can be found here.

How Many BULB Tokens Are There?‚Äč

There is a maximum supply of 750 Million BULB Tokens. 10% of the total supply, or 100 Million BULB Tokens will be issued at the beginning, the remaining being locked up in a token vesting program for scheduled release.

How Are BULB Tokens Distributed?‚Äč

User50%User rewards based on a halving schedule and locked in a SPL program until 2047
BULB40%10% of BULB Tokens are issued to the Team in the beginning and the remaining 30% are linearly vested over a 24 month period with a 6 month cliff
Treasury10%Operations rewards for the Team based on a halving schedule and locked in a SPL program until 2047

BULB includes core team members, general team members, advisors and future investors.

What Is The Vesting Schedule?‚Äč

YearBULBTreasuryUsersTotal Amount Released

Can The Team Withdraw Tokens That Are Locked?‚Äč

For tokens that are yet to be unlocked (i.e. time period has not been reached), BULB tokens cannot be withdrawn. You can learn more about how tokens are unlocked here.

How Do I Use BULB Tokens?‚Äč‚Äč

There are currently three main ways to use BULB Tokens.

  1. Purchase premium articles to gain access to high-quality premium articles written by BULB's top writers.
  2. Purchase and use tradables such as BULB energy.
  3. Purchase boost posts to maximise engagement and increase your points.

In the near future, BULB Tokens will be able to be used to:

  1. Create an NFT for your article on the Solana Blockchain.
  2. Purchase BULBmoji NFTs to help you earn more points and accelerate your earnings.
  3. Obtain the top recommended spots to feature your article.
  4. Custom features for purchase can be added to your profile.

Where Are My BULB Tokens?‚Äč‚Äč

BULB requires you to connect your SPL wallet to the platform directly. As a result, all of your BULB Tokens will be kept in the wallet of your choice. Phantom, a wallet and mobile browser extension with a streamlined, user-friendly interface, is the SPL wallet we recommend for BULB.


What Is A BULBmoji NFT?‚Äč

A BULBmoji NFT is a special type of BULBmoji that allows users to earn more points and/or use less energy when they activate it. Owning and using a BULBmoji NFT will increase the number of BULB Tokens you earn on the platform, as more points lead to more BULB Tokens.

Essentially, your everyday action buttons - such as writing, reading, reacting, commenting, sharing, and moderating - are turned into NFTs, and using these tokenized buttons can now boost your token rewards for the same activities. Sounds cool, right?!

Here are some examples of BULBmoji NFTs:


What Are The Different Types Of BULBmojis?‚Äč

BULBmoji NFTs are split into 5 different rarities for each class, and are ordered based on the probability of collection in BULBmoji packs, the 5 types of rarities are Common (~50%), Rare (~30%), Epic (~15%), Legendary (~4%) and Champion (~1%). Each rarity represents a different power level. Rarer BULBmojis have higher points multipliers and energy savings for the same platform action.

The table below illustrates all the possible combinations of classes and rarities of BULBmoji NFTs.

Rarity / ClassWriterSharerModeratorTalkerReaderReactor
CommonCommon WriterCommon SharerCommon ModeratorCommon TalkerCommon ReaderCommon Reactor
RareRare WriterRare SharerRare ModeratorRare TalkerRare ReaderRare Reactor
EpicEpic WriterEpic SharerEpic ModeratorEpic TalkerEpic ReaderEpic Reactor
LegendaryLegendary WriterLegendary SharerLegendary ModeratorLegendary TalkerLegendary ReaderLegendary Reactor
ChampionChampion WriterChampion SharerChampion ModeratorChampion TalkerChampion ReaderChampion Reactor

Note: On 29th January 2023, 100 OG BULBmoji NFTs were released which included 5 Writers, 30 Readers, 30 Reactors, 15 Talkers, 15 Sharers and 5 Moderators.

On 14th April 2023, 250 BULBmoji NFTs were released which included 12 Writers, 75 Readers, 75 Reactors, 38 Talkers, 38 Sharers and 12 Moderators.

On 4th February 2024, 150 BULBmoji NFTs were released which included 7 Writers, 45 Readers, 48 Reactors, 21 Talkers, 21 Sharers and 8 Moderators.

How Do I Use And Upgrade A BULBmoji NFT?‚Äč

You can use a BULBmoji NFT in 5 simple steps.

  1. Unlock a BULBmoji NFT slot under the BULBmoji Tab
  2. Once a slot is made available, activate your BULBmoji NFT
  3. Complete the action by clicking the BULBmoji button, i.e. write, read, react, comment, share or moderate as you normally would
  4. Experience an automatic points boost and energy saving based on the rarity and power level of your BULBmoji NFT
  5. Upgrade your BULBmoji NFT to enhance the points multiplier and energy saver

There are 10 levels in total for all BULBmojis, and we have laid out 3 key matrices: 1) Points Multiplier, 2) Energy Savings and 3) BULBmoji NFT Upgrade Costs.

Matrix #1: Points Multiplier‚Äč


Note: Refers to the points multiplier on the initial points earned. For example, if an initial action is entitled to 10 points, and a level 10 Champion BULBmoji NFT (4.6x) is used to perform that particular action, the total points earned will be 46 points.

Matrix #2: Energy Savings‚Äč


Note: Refers to the percentage of energy savings on the initial energy consumed. For example, if an initial action costs 10 energy, and a level 10 Champion BULBmoji NFT (45%) is used to perform that particular action, the actual energy spent will be 5.5 only, as 45% of energy is saved.

Hot Tip: BULBmoji NFTs are powerful because the points multiplier and energy savings work simultaneously and create a synergistic effect. This means that with a level 10 Champion BULBmoji NFT, you are more than 9 times more efficient for the very same action completed as you not only get a 4.6x points multiplier AND you save 45% of the energy. BULBmoji NFTs are OP…

Matrix #3: BULBmoji NFT Upgrade Costs‚Äč


Note: Refers to the cost of upgrading BULBmoji NFT from one level to the next in BULB Tokens. For example, to upgrade a Common BULBmoji NFT from Level 1 to Level 2, it will cost 1,000 BULB Tokens. The default level is Level 1.

How Do I Get A BULBmoji NFT?‚Äč

There are 2 ways to get yourself a BULBmoji NFT.

Option 1: Open a BULBmoji Pack from the Shop‚Äč

You can purchase a BULBmoji Pack for a chance to obtain a Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Champion BULBmoji NFT. Each BULBmoji Pack will cost 25,000 BULB Tokens. Hurry and purchase a pack to get your own BULBmoji NFT!

Note: This system has now changed from the previous Bronze, Silver and Gold Pack to promote a more even distribution of BULBmoji NFTs amongst users, and even the playing field by ensuring everyone has the access to the same pack with the same chances.

Option 2: Purchase from the marketplace.‚Äč

If you missed the boat and didn’t get a chance to open a pack, or you didn’t get the particular BULBmoji that you wanted, don’t worry, you can buy particular BULBmoji NFTs from another BULB user via the NFT marketplace.

Prices are denominated in SOL and dependent on the market price (determined by BULB user supply and demand of NFTs), each transaction will be subject to a flat 2% transaction fee and a 5% royalty fee.

Article NFT FAQ‚Äč

What Are Article NFTs on BULB?‚Äč

BULB Article NFTs are created when a published blog is minted on the Solana blockchain, in which the Article NFT holder will be the sole beneficiary of all the BULB points derived from the particular published blog. Therefore, as an Article NFT holder, you can benefit from the engagement and traffic generated from the blog, thereby boosting your own leaderboard position and BULB Token rewards.

Important: BULB Article NFTs do not transfer the copyright of the published blog from the original publisher to the Article NFT holder, but only the BULB points derived from the published blog are calculated from the point of transfer.

How Does Article NFT Work?‚Äč

To create a BULB Article NFT, you can select any one of your own published blogs from the profile or marketplace, click the ‚Äėmint‚Äô button, determine if you want to issue an NFT (1 article, 1 owner) or SFT (1 article, N number of owners), choose if you wish to tokenise BULB Points or mint as a plain NFT or SFT, and finally create the Article NFT or SFT. You can select royalty fees of anywhere between 1 to 10% and each Article NFT costs 0.1 SOL to mint.

The Article NFT or SFT will appear in your crypto wallet upon successful minting on the Solana blockchain. The latest Article NFT or SFT holder will be the sole beneficiary or pro rata beneficiary of all the BULB points derived from the particular published blog.

The initial owner of the Article NFT or SFT will be the publisher of the blog, but this can be traded to another Article NFT or SFT holder, who from the point of transfer will now gain all the points from the published blog. The published blog card that is minted as an Article NFT or SFT will have special visual effects when discovered and explored on all BULB platform pages.

See the below example, where User A publishes a standard blog and receives 100 points from the point of publishing. Subsequently, User A mints the blog as an Article NFT, and given that User A is still the owner of the Article NFT, all the points earned thus far will be directed to User A; in this case, 50 points earned from day 2. Now if User A transfers the Article NFT to User B, then User B will now be the sole beneficiary of all the points derived from the point of transfer; in this case, it is 75 points earned from day 3.

TimingEventTotal Points of the Published BlogIncremental Points Earned By User AIncremental Points Earned By User B
Day 1User A Published a Standard Blog100100-
Day 2User A Mints the Blog as an Article NFT and Holds the NFT15050-
Day 3User B Buys Article NFT from User A and is Now the Article NFT Holder225-75

Tip: Article NFTs operate on an opt-in basis, and thus, users have the choice of deciding whether or not to mint their articles as an NFT and tokenise the points derived from the blog.

Note: The above example refers to the case of Article NFT. If a user opts for an Article SFT, for example, one article and 10 SFTs are generated, i.e. 1 article is split into 10 equal portions, then each individual SFT owner will own 1/10 of the total points generated for every 1 SFT owned. The principle of the above example works exactly the same.

What Terminologies Are Used For Article NFTs?‚Äč

Article NFT‚Äč

Article NFT is a non-fungible token minted on the Solana that represents the published blog of an author on BULB. Article NFT has a supply of 1.

Article SFT‚Äč

Article SFT is a semi-fungible token minted on the Solana that represented the published blog of an author on BULB. Article SFT has a supply of greater than 1.

Article NFT Collection‚Äč

Article NFT Collection is a non-fungible token minted on the Solana that is used to group all the Article NFTs or SFTs of an author. It is only used to ensure that an author’s Article NFT or SFT is authentic.

Collection Symbol‚Äč

Collection symbol is the on-chain symbol of an author’s Article NFT Collection. This only needs to be entered once when an author is minting Article NFT or SFT for the first time. It must be alphanumeric and between 1 to 4 characters.

Price Floor‚Äč

Price floor is the minimum SOL price that an author‚Äôs Article NFT or SFT must sell for on BULB. This can be changed in the ‚ÄėMy Items‚Äô tab in the Marketplace page.

NFT Symbol‚Äč

NFT symbol is the on-chain symbol of an author’s Article NFT or SFT. It must be alphanumeric and between 1 to 4 characters.


Supply is the total supply of an author’s Article NFT or SFT. You can enter a supply of 1 if you wish to mint an Article NFT or enter a supply of 2 or above if you wish to mint Article SFTs.

Royalty Fees‚Äč

Royalty fees are the royalty percentage awarded to the author for every sale of an author’s Article NFT or SFT on BULB Marketplace. Royalty fees must be between 1% to 10%.

Tokenise BULB Points‚Äč

Tokenising BULB Points allows the owners of an Article NFT or SFT to earn a portion of the BULB Points derived from a blog. To identify whether an Article NFT or SFT tokenises BULB Points, use its ‚ÄėFractional‚Äô attribute. If ‚ÄėFractional‚Äô is true, then its BULB Points are tokenised.

What Are The Key Bad Actor Scenarios Regarding Article NFTs?‚Äč

Scenario #1: The publisher copies an article from another original author and mints it as an Article NFT‚Äč

BULB as a platform and community strives to penalise and punish bad actors who infringe copyright, but not all copyright infringement cases can be caught before the minting occurs. Therefore, users should be extra careful when purchasing an Article NFT or SFT, because in the case that the underlying article of the Article NFT or SFT infringes copyright, then the moderators can vote to take it down for violation of BULB’s code of conduct, which will result in the Article NFT or SFT having effectively zero value as no points can be further derived from the taken down article.

Tip: Try purchasing Article NFTs or SFTs from reputable writers who have a history of writing high-quality and original blogs, as this will be the best method to preserve the value of your Article NFT or SFT.

Scenario #2: The original publisher deleted the underlying article of Article NFT or SFT‚Äč

In the case that the underlying article of the Article NFT or SFT is deleted, then the Article NFT will effectively have zero value because no points can be further derived from the deleted article. To prevent this, writers who mint their articles as an Article NFT or SFT will forfeit the right to delete the article, so as to make the content non-deletable on the BULB platform.

Tip: The underlying article of the Article NFT or SFT can be edited by the original author, and given the royalty incentive structure, the original author is incentivised to either keep the blog as is or improve the blog via editing to generate more BULB points and thereby increase the Article NFT or SFT value

Note: The content of the blogs will be minted on the Solana Blockchain as of the time of minting. This means that any future edits will not be reflected in the Solana Blockchain metadata as it is immutable, but on-platform content will reflect the edits made.

Scenario #3: Purchasing an Article NFT or SFT where the underlying article violates BULB‚Äôs code of conduct‚Äč

In the case that the underlying article of the Article NFT or SFT violates BULB’s code of conduct, then the Article NFT or SFT will risk having effectively zero value because moderators can vote to take down the article, resulting in no points to be further derived from the taken down article. Therefore, purchasers of Article NFTs or SFTs should conduct reasonable research and due diligence to ensure that the article complies with BULB's code of conduct.

Tip: Similar to scenario #1, Try purchasing Article NFTs or SFTs from reputable writers who have a history of writing high-quality and original blogs, as this will be the best method to preserve the value of your Article NFT or SFT.

Note: This is a non-exhaustive list of bad actor scenarios that BULB users should be aware of. Please do your own research and due diligence before making any Article NFT or SFT purchases.

What If I Paid To Mint An Article NFT But The Transaction Failed?‚Äč

Transactions may fail when the on-chain and off-chain synchronisation is interrupted. However, this can be quickly resolved by clicking on the 'Purchased Already' button, copy and paste the Solana transaction signature, and then the system will verify it as a completed Solana transaction if it is legitimate, in which case you will receive the Article NFT or SFT that you minted or purchased for. The source of truth is the blockchain, and thus, if an item is paid for then it can be claimed.

BULB Marketplace FAQ‚Äč

How Do I Buy Or Sell A BULBmoji NFT?‚Äč

You can buy or sell any BULBmoji NFT that you would like via the in-platform NFT Marketplace.

To sell a BULBmoji NFT, you can simply go to the Marketplace tab, select the BULBmoji NFT, and type in the price in SOL in which you would like to sell it - and it will be listed in the marketplace indefinitely until the listing is cancelled. To buy a BULBmoji NFT, you can simply browse in the Marketplace tab, select the BULBmoji NFT that you would like to buy, click buy and it will be transferred directly from the seller to your connected Solana wallet. It is that easy.

Different BULBmoji rarities have different floor prices, as shown below. This means that for a particular rarity of BULBmoji, you cannot sell or buy it below the specified floor price. For example, you cannot sell or buy an Epic BULBmoji NFT for less than 0.3 SOL.

Remember to have some spare SOL in your wallet before making any transactions (i.e. selling, buying, cancelling listing) on the marketplace. In general, having an additional 0.01 SOL should be sufficient to cover all transaction costs.

RaritySOL Floor Price

Note: Each transaction will be subject to a flat 2% transaction fee and a 5% royalty fee.

How To Sell BULB Article NFTs?‚Äč

All users who have minted an Article NFT / SFT have their own dedicated Article NFTs or SFTs collections page.

To sell your own Article NFTs or SFTs, you can go to the My Items tab on the marketplace page, select your available Article NFTs or SFTs, choose the quantity to sell and list it for SOL. As the collection owner, you can set the floor price of your Article NFTs or SFTs to ensure your Article NFTs or SFTs trade above your desired price, and this can be changed anytime accordingly.

Due to limitations of the underlying auction house program, the seller cannot list the same Article SFT(s) in more than one listing. For example, if a seller wishes to sell 5 Article SFTs for 5 SOL in 1 single listing, and subsequently wishes to sell 2 additional Article SFTs for 2 SOL, the seller would have to cancel the first listing and create a new listing of quantity of 7 Article SFTs for 7 SOL. This only applies to Article SFTs.

How To Buy BULB Article NFTs?‚Äč

To buy Article NFTs or SFTs, you can go to the marketplace page, select the relevant Article NFT collection which is categorised by individual BULB writers, choose the quantity to buy and purchase the particular Article NFT or SFT with SOL.

When buying N number of Article SFTs for X amount of SOL from a listing, the buyer can self-segment the listing. For example, if a seller has 5 Article SFTs and wishes to sell for 5 SOL in total, the buyer can buy 1 Article SFT for 1 SOL, which is the average price for each SFT.

Note: Be mindful of the royalty fees of each Article NFT or SFT, as this cut will be allocated to the original owner of the Article NFT for every subsequent transaction. This royalty fee ranges from 1% to 10% depending on the original owner’s choice. BULB marketplace fees are fixed at 2% of the total price which is paid by the seller.

How Does The BULB Marketplace Work?‚Äč

BULB uses Metaplex’s Auction House program to execute trades in our marketplace. Auction House is a fully decentralised smart contract on Solana that provides an escrow-less (meaning the user owns the assets until the sale is executed). For more details, check out Metaplex’s documentation here.

BULB Staking FAQ‚Äč

What Is BULB Staking?‚Äč

BULB Staking empowers users to further boost their earnings and be entitled to a portion of the platform’s spending. The staking rewards have two components:

  1. Share of all platform spending
  2. BULB Points booster

This newly introduced staking protocol on BULB is aimed at incentivising users to hold onto their BULB Tokens and reinvest their earnings back into the BULB ecosystem, thereby strengthening the BULB crypto-economy.

How Does BULB Staking Work?‚Äč

The two components of BULB Staking rewards are 1) the user gets a share of all platform spending and 2) the user gets a boost in points multiplier.

For the first component, the user shall get a percentage of all the weekly platform BULB Token spending based on the amount staked. The user staking rewards formula is as follows:

Total Share of Platform Spending = Weekly Platform Spending x (Your BULB Tokens Staked / Total BULB Tokens Staked)

This means that if there are 100,000 BULB Tokens in weekly platform spending, and the user has staked 1,000,000 BULB Tokens. There are 10,000,000 BULB Tokens in total staked amount, then the user will get 10% (1,000,000 $BULB / 10,000,000 $BULB) of the available staking rewards, that is 75,000 (75% x 100,000 $BULB), resulting in a 7.5% weekly yield or 390% annualised yield on a BULB Token basis.

Note: Please note that given that 25% of all platform spending is permanently burnt, only 75% are available for user staking rewards. The weekly platform spending intervals are the same cutoff times as the leaderboard.

For the second component, the user shall get an extra 0.01x in BULB Points Multiplier per 10,000 BULB Tokens staked. The user multiplier boost formula is as follows:

Total BULB Points Booster = 1 + [(Your BULB Tokens Staked / 10,000) x 0.01]

This means that if the user has staked 200,000 tokens, the user will get a boost multiplier of 1.20x [(200,000 / 10,000) x 0.01] added to all BULB Points earned.

Every Monday at 7:30 am UTC, BULB Tokens are automatically distributed to all stakers based on their earnings share and it can be claimed via the Treasury tab on the BULB Token page.

Hot Tip: The BULB Points Booster can be used in conjunction with the BULBmoji Points Multiplier, meaning that BULB Points can have a compounding effect. For example, if a Reactor BULBmoji has a 2.0x multiplier and the user has a Boost Multiplier of 1.20x, the total BULB Points Multiplier will be 2.40x. Thus, it is highly encouraged that the user leverages the combined power of both the BULBmoji NFTs and the BULB Points Booster.

How To Stake and Unstake BULB?‚Äč

Users can follow the below step-by-step guide to staking and unstaking BULB Tokens:

  1. Go to ‚ÄúBULB Token‚ÄĚ
  2. Select ‚ÄúStaking‚ÄĚ tab
  3. Click ‚ÄúStake Now‚ÄĚ if no BULB Tokens are staked or ‚ÄúManage‚ÄĚ if there are BULB Tokens staked
  4. Select the amount to be staked or unstaked
  5. Confirm

Note: There is a 7-day locking period where once BULB Tokens are staked, the user will have to wait at least 7 days to unstake BULB Tokens, but the user can stake more BULB Tokens at any time. This ensures a stable staking protocol, where high-frequency in-and-out activities and related bad actor behaviours are minimised.


What Is BULB AI?‚Äč

BULB AI is a virtual assistant on the BULB Platform designed to act as a co-pilot for writers and readers. BULB AI is intelligent, enthusiastic and supportive, and these three values are core to how BULB AI will act and behave as a co-pilot on the platform. The three feature pillars of BULB AI are:

  1. Enhance the writing and content creation experience
  2. Enhance the reading and content consumption experience, and
  3. Level up platform-wide governance and sustainability.

All BULB AI features will be designed to address these three pillars and develop BULB into the go-to Web3 blogging platform.

What Are The Key Features Of BULB AI?‚Äč

As noted above, all of BULB AI’s features will be designed to address either 1) the content creation experience, 2) the content consumption experience, and 3) the platform-wide governance and sustainability.

For Pillar 1, key features will include but not be limited to SEO title and description generation, paraphrasing tool, enhanced writer tips, AI image search and generation, AI-generated personalisation features and more.

For Pillar 2, key features will include but are not limited to TLDR article summary, multimedia article conversion tool (e.g. article to slide shows, article to short videos), select and simplify tool (i.e. select complicated paragraphs and turn into simple language) and more.

For Pillar 3, key features will include but are not limited to an enhanced dynamic points system, pre-emptive bad acting behaviour flags (i.e. flag potential spam before the user spams), bad actor cartel detection (e.g. identify groups of users gaming the system) and more.

For feature suggestions, please feel free to share them with the community and BULB Team on our Discord or Twitter.

Tip: To use BULB AI, simply click the AI BULBmoji to activate the BULB AI tool, and subsequently select the related feature for usage.

What Is The BULB AI Feature Release Schedule?‚Äč

Due to the extensive list of BULB AI features, the development team will release this in various series to ensure the BULB AI can be trained and purposed properly.

The very first release, BULB AI Gen 1, will be focused on enhancing the writing experience. In particular, this release will enable writings to generate SEO titles and descriptions to ensure the metadata is best suited for search engines to crawl your blog and thereby enhance organic traffic, and second, writers will be able to use AI-generated paraphrasing ability to turn the users’ raw ideas into well-written language for better readability. However, keep in mind that this is in no way a pure AI content generation tool as the output is only as good as the input!

For subsequent features, we will turn to Pillar 2 and then Pillar 3, in which high-priority features with high user demand will be prioritised first. Thus, if you have ideas on which feature would be most impactful to the community, please feel free to share them on our Discord or Twitter.

Are There Quotas For BULB AI?‚Äč

Consistent with our philosophy that BULB AI is only here to assist, and not to replace the work and creativity of writers, we have decided to limit the request limit of the BULB AI feature to 10 times a day, which recharges back to 10 every 24 hours. This means that for the first release, writers can use BULB AI to generate SEO titles, SEO blog summaries, and/or paraphrase paragraphs up to 10 times a day.

We want to encourage writers to create their original content, and BULB AI is only here to enhance the article for better discoverability and readability. In other words, users would not be able to rely on BULB AI as a ‚Äúgenerative content assistant‚ÄĚ to create new content because firstly, the generative side of BULB AI is disabled, and secondly, the output of BULB AI is only as good as the original input. This approach will be adopted for future releases to ensure that BULB AI is only here to assist, and not to replace the passion, engagement and creativity of BULB users.

Security FAQ‚Äč

Token Security‚Äč‚Äč

BULB Tokens are fungible SPL (Solana Program Library) tokens that are powered by the Solana blockchain, which is one of the world's fastest blockchains. More information about the SPL token program and its GitHub repository can be found here.

Vesting Security‚Äč‚Äč

When the total supply is minted, a portion of it is locked up in a token vesting program for scheduled release. The vesting schedule enables BULB to deposit BULB Tokens into a vesting contract, which can only be unlocked to a specific public key at a specific time. The founding team is also incentivised to stay committed to BULB and its users by locking a large portion of tokens in vesting contracts.

This is carried out using Bonfida's token vesting program, whose code has been audited by Kudelski Security.

User Security‚Äč‚Äč

Our users' security is our top priority, and we value your trust in BULB. We can assure you that any information you share with us will be securely stored and protected. Our privacy statement can be found here. We also encourage users to create specific wallets for rewards and educate and assist your community members in resolving issues with wallets, the BULB Token, and the BULB Platform.

Solana Wallet‚Äč

How Do I Get Started?‚Äč‚Äč

Before you get started on BULB, you'll need a Solana wallet for storing your funds on the Solana blockchain and for interacting with the features on BULB. You will also need to add a small amount of SOL to your wallet to complete any transactions on Solana.

Phantom offers a wallet and browser extension with a streamlined, user-friendly interface.

Setting Up With Phantom Wallet‚Äč‚Äč

You can use Phantom to connect to BULB. Check out our video on how to sign up with Phantom.

Setting Up With Solflare Wallet‚Äč‚Äč

You can use Solflare to connect to BULB. Check out our video on how to sign up with Solflare.

Setting Up With Phantom Mobile‚Äč

You can use BULB on mobile using Phantom app. Check out our video on how to sign up with Phantom Mobile.